An Evanescent Promise

April 11, 2017
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After Louise Gluck

Are we human still, are we happy still
Wasn't it just yesterday we climbed trees,
Weren't we indestructible, wasn't time nonexistent

Didn't the seasons come,
Didn't our friends love us

Weren't we safe
Weren't we careless

Didn't the sunrise heal our scratches,
Forbidding destruction

Freedom and bliss,
Weren't we abandoned, didn't the elation
Desert us

I thought the roses
Would flourish-- brave through the penury
Didn't they wilt

I can't remember the song
That the birds would sing, impetuously waking up the world
In great breadths

I never hear
Their songs anymore

When did they stop, why didn't I care
O what I would give
To hear that song again

Didn't the seasons change,
Weren't we welcomed by the world
with geniality

Weren’t we important,
Didn't the world depend on us

Our mothers, did they cry?

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