April 11, 2017
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Weren’t they enough
Didn’t they love you unconditionally

Didn’t you see them beg
Didn’t you see them cry
Write you letters with their tears

can't you see what you've done
you've robbed a house
we no longer feel safe

wasn't it unfair
didn't they do everything right
an “x” through what you used to be

aren't you tired
lying through your teeth
the truth stuck between the gaps--

I remember when smiling wasn't forced
when a hug didn't hurt

I can't feel pity
for you don't even deserve that

I no longer care about the words you speak
the faces you make

I only see one thing

her who slithered her way through a crack
once closed
why wasn't it sealed--

didn't they frame you perfectly
you shattered the image

Remorse; did you feel guilt?

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