Earth’s Sweet Song of Happiness

April 11, 2017
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Summer sleeps in our hearts.
For you and I, it’s anticipated the second it’s gone
And when it returns, I can feel frustration rise as I try to catch and hold onto it.
Winter doesn’t burn your skin to a bronze and whisper in warm winds that
You are alive!
I watch the sun melt into the lake and divide into millions of white stars
Close enough to the tip of your freckled nose that you forget their true distance.
I watch you reach out to them.
Barefoot and soaked,
As you allow your curls to swim and sway in that warm breeze that whispers to us
You are alive!
  But you’re not reaching out to catch the stars or to hold on to the season
You’re swinging your arms as you dance to Earth’s sweet song of happiness.

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