Best Friend

April 11, 2017
By Blue-Tabby-Cat BRONZE, Union City, Ohio
Blue-Tabby-Cat BRONZE, Union City, Ohio
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Dear You
You were my best friend for years upon years
You left me here all alone with so many people who really don’t care about me
I left you because times got really hard for me
I know you stuck up for me and you got in trouble for it
I loved how when I would cry you would be there to help me through it all
I love and miss you so much
You and I use to play so many games together
You even took one of my stuffed cats off my favorite bears
I told you i’d never forgive you but years later we’d be playing with it
You never left that thing alone
When you died I made sure you had that and a picture of me with you because the day you left me was the day half of my heart died
You are never forgotten 

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