Its not us its you

April 11, 2017
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Dark and cold

thats what i think about you sometimes

you say you love me 

but then you do something hateful

i try just like you try

so why cant you see that

your past was worse then mine

yes you had more bumps in the way of you life

but that doesnt give you the right to be a rude person towards me

i am a young man now and i know how to live 

you have a unhealthy life not because of me 

maybe not even because of yourself

but i dont want you to put the blame on me on her

on yourself

you talk crap on yourself but when you do that

your not just saying bad things about yourself 

your saying bad thing about the people that loves you the most

just because life isnt going for you right now 

doesnt mean we helped caused it for you 

so next time you want to be rude a family member or a friend

just remember its not us its you

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