A happy disguise

April 11, 2017
By Anonymous

The biggest smile comes from the most hurt people.
When you pass that person in the hall way that is always smiling
And giggling, they might be really hurting.
A smile is the best disguise for a hurting person.
The more that person smiles the more they are able to submerge their pain.
The one person you envy the most, the one with the best clothes, the coolest house, and the coolest car, the one with the most friends, the one that is always happy,
Might not be as happy as they let on.
Hurt people are the best actors.
They can hide all emotions with one swift movement.
Maybe that kid that's the most annoying jock in your school,
Or the most popular person that is the star cheerleader or football player,
Or the most successful person on you sports team is the most hurt person you will ever meet, because the biggest smile comes from  the most hurt person.

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