Friendship- A start up to BEST FRIENDS...!

April 11, 2017
We Have an eye contact,
Notice each other,
Make fun of each other,
But thats wat makes the
Word 'Frienship' Start...

A smile that we pass,
The whisper we do,
The eye to eye conversation we have,
Makes us just FRIENDS..

Then we search each other on social,
The chat starts,
Our hands go on typing,
We go on contineous laughing and
Blushing like still a kid...! ????

The teasing like love birda,
The bunking of classes,
The meetings we have,
Visiting CCD's Together...

Then the trust we develop between us,
The more we turn into besties..
The secrets we share,
The crushes we Explore!!

The most fun,
Calulating love%.. heheh!????
Making names of each other,
Meeting and copying between
exams time even!!!????

Uff! This funs can never be forgotten..
Some friends come,
And some Go!
But the one that remains forever..
Are the one's very close to heart! ?

Yeah! They R D 'Best Friends'...... ?????????

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Yoberryy said...
Apr. 25 at 8:08 am
I love this !! Your talented Masha'Allah! ❤️
Asma Nakhuda said...
Apr. 21 at 4:47 am
Well first trial..!! and there's mistakes even actually typying mistakes hehe sooo try and understand coz i know u r very ahead in chats hehe!!! if u loved it den doo vote for me plzz..!!!
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