The Shot That Won The Game

April 10, 2017
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The Shooting Stars were under the gun.
The other team had gone on a run,
And now the Shooting Stars were down by one!

Everyone on the bench though that they had lost the game.
But one player who was sitting there had ice in his veins.
He sat on the bench seriously, thinking to himself:
What can I possibly do to help?

Down by one with seventeen seconds left to play,
The young and ambitious point guard was subbed into the game.
Confidence he had as he strode onto the court.
He knew that all his teammates would give him support.

Dribble, dribble, dribble, he set up the play.
“Pass and cut!” the coach screamed, “That’s the right way to play!”
Passed the ball to his center, quickly cut down the middle.
Received the ball back and started to quickly dribble.

Drove hard to the hoop with seven seconds left,
The point guard breathing heavily, his heart pounding through his chest.
Slap on the hand, fouled on the way up.
He knew that just one free throw would not be enough.

Went to the line, sweat rolled down his skin.
“Make both free throws,” he said to himself, “And we’ll win!”
The crowd cheered crazily, the excitement filled the air.
“Come on little midget!” cried an opponent, “We all know that you’re scared!”

Knocked the first one down, sighed a breath of relief.
You can do it if you just believe!
SWOOSH!  Knocked down the second one,
Now we just about had the game won!

Ran down the court with 5 seconds left,
He hoped he wouldn’t leave sad and depressed!
The other team’s guard passed the ball to the corner, the shot went up.
The point guard could hardly watch it, he felt as if he would erupt.

But the shot came up short, and the Shooting Stars screamed with joy!
Then they ran to their coach, who was smiling like a little boy!
And so folks, that’s how the game was won,
The young point guard’s career had only just begun!

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