Intrepid Deimos

April 10, 2017

nobody likes being Alone                                         
everyone Wants to be brave                                         
and Open                                                                      
but bravery is just a Stupid illusion                              
that we swallow, ignoring the Bitter taste
because it Doesn’t exist
it just Flies around us
while our Hearts stutter in terror
as we smell the heavy Stench of
our Impending doom
a Musk in our hearts as
we wrestle Phobos and
beg for Valiance
all i want is to Stop being afraid
i Wish, i Beg, i Plead for the stability
that lack of Fear brings but
i, with the Unstable mind and
the Weak hard heart
that sobs in the Light of day
i don’t Receive, and don’t deserve
my fear, my Secrets
rest Upon my bosom
heavy as lead, bitter as Bile
wafting, Curling around my throat
and Choking me
oh my Beautiful curse
to be squeezed in the Bright
red Ribbons of terror
to be dreaded Eternally
i just Want to kill fate
destroy Destiny, that i
might be able to Pick
a Happy path, and idealistic path
the non-existent Path of
but Now i reside
merciless And furious
i, simply put, am Fear
and i Despise my very own

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