How To Raise Your Parents

April 17, 2017
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Don't let them drink,

   before 4:00 P.M.

Twice a week,

   let them go out to see friends.

Clean all their clothes,

   lock all your doors.

Don't speak your mind,

   just do your chores.

Care for their kid,

   all night and all day.

Though you'd love to leave,

   you always must stay.

You must act like them,

   don't try to stand out.

Or you will cause arguing,

   they will scream and shout.

Don't have friends over,

   for then they will know,

why you can't ever be with them,

   like going to dinner or a show.

How to raise your parents,

   learn from my mistakes.

Then you might have a happy life,

   where the smile on your face will never be fake...

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Sushi6519 said...
Apr. 19 at 8:58 pm
I think I feel pain and unbelievable understanding for a teen. Written so well. Learning from life's lessons!
Britemagic said...
Apr. 19 at 8:36 pm
The experience is really felt through these words...this writer is wise beyond their years.
Macked2525 said...
Apr. 19 at 8:19 pm
What insight. Very well written and thought provoking. Sad for the quality of this teen's homelife, tho
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