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Midwest Sunsets

Midwest sunsets are the best kind of sunsets.

The kinds of sunsets you could stare into for hours and get lost in like a never ending maze

I could stare into your deep dark hazelnut eyes for hours and get as lost as Columbus was when he found America

I could stare at sunsets for as long as the sun sets

I don't know what I'd do after

I could stare into your eyes for as long as you'd let me

I'd die after

I'd stare until you leave

Until you're tired of me always saying I miss you

Until you're tired of me and not eating snacks and sleeping really late because I get scared

Until you're tired of holding my hands and playing with my hair

Until you're tired of me for being me

I don't think I could ever get tired of you

I couldn't if I tired

because I am so happy with you

You believe in me.

You told me I could achieve and I love you for it

Always have my back even when your not

It's not fair I can't give you what you deserve

But I give you my word I'll get you on the walkway

Walking red carpet asking if I could be your date

Walk along side you you're the only piece of the cake I want.

I'm a mouse in a maze and you're the scientist that wants to see me get out.

You want me to live and see better days

You're my personal sunshine ray

It's crazy how crazy I am

Half of me was broken and split into two

The other half managed to be manifested in you

If only I was fast enough to catch you

I wish I wasn't so stupid

I wish I knew how to love you correctly

I wish I could do a better job

But I promise I'm trying

I promise I won't end you

I promise I won't leave you

Unless you decide to leave me

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