Let Me Tell You About Love

April 17, 2017
By Bastion SILVER, Beloit, Wisconsin
Bastion SILVER, Beloit, Wisconsin
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The title of the poem

Let me tell you about love

It's the smile you get when you see them.

The sadness and longing for their presence when they're away


It's the extra few seconds on the hug

And the random kiss just because

Its the time you took to make that playlist with both of your favorite songs

And the time you spent listening to it because you have the same taste and it just flows so well


It's saying that you'll do "it" even if you don't like whatever "it" is

Then doing "it" and realizing you only liked "it" if it's only for them

Love makes you grow

Motivation to do better... by flowers,love letters,write poems,vent stories,talk about worries, about moving,about kids,about a life,about a wife

Motivation to give love the best life it can have and then some extra

Always put love at the top of your agenda


It teaches you patience and compassion


Teaches how To appreciate the past tense

And how to miss it while you have it


With love there is no room for excuses

I'd know because I've taken up the room

But there is a possibility of a house,with a room, and a bed for many different uses


The best part of it is your relationship with love is yours alone and no one can touch it


And advice from me is.

Love will leave you full of joy and stressed out. But you gotta understand. Love is just a happy death

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