These Words

April 17, 2017

The words is what I do. The words is who I am at least who I think I am. I just want my hazelnut queen for a second.

My beautiful,glorious,gorgeous,

sweet-tasting,breathtaking,startling,staggering, heart-daggering,

Soft lipped,caramel dipped,Beloit cold nipped,

Smart,intelligent,worth my whole life's inheritance,

Funny,hilarious,worth something more than marriage

Mood swinging,soft singing,award winning,

Fantastic,incredible,should be placed on a pedestal, wonderful

luminous,peanut butter-coated,golden brown,

magnificent,lost-in-your-eyes,hazelnut queen.

I mean my dream would be to have you forever but we always wake up from dreams,

So it seems as long as I have you I'd never want to leave you and I mean it times 2. 

Because we just have to promise to love each other because as long as I have you as my lover I couldn't be more luckier.

These things I write are only fragments of what I think what I mean so you see.

I'm in it for the long time loving.

The type you grow old and unwind type loving.

The "That's my fine-a** wife and I'm her husband" type loving.

The can't put down your phone because your girl might text you and you gotta answer fast type loving.

The "oh you gots a girl?" No I gots a wife type loving.

And I know you say I'm fast but I don't play soccer for nothing and I really don't know what you see in me but you gotta see something.

Had all these problems and always kept running... till you gave me the courage to face them.

One by one and now my life is the outcome.

See before I was always looking for something. Before I always had my breath and was aware of surroundings.

Now I got you,at least I think,and I'm out of breath. I disregard everything but you.

Now see even if I don't end up as your husband I'd hope I made you happy.

Made you happy.

You wouldn't want someone who's way too focused on laughing.

Way too focused on laughing at his own life because it's the best joke he has.

Way too focused on making beats and looking for things to eat.

But you're still at the top of the list. Make sure to bring her, her snacks even though I don't think you want them anymore. I got them in my bag I just don't bring them out no more.

Make sure she's well fed or you'll end up dead because she'll be upset.

Make sure she gets enough sleep even though she'll be up the next day only 10 minutes late ready to start a long day.

Make sure not to upset her because I've done it too much she don't deserve stress she's got enough.

I'm jumping from topic to topic and I probably won't stop but if we were both ships and started sinking,then throw me down I deserve to be in the deep end.

I don't know how to swim so I'm f***ed. But I'd use my will to make yours stay afloat and I quote.

"Today might be a bad day but remember it's not a bad life"

so through all this pain and strife I know I'll be able to talk to you at the end of the night.

These nights so long they like past life's.

Let's just make a promise that we gotta love each other...


I'll always uphold my end.

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