She Is A Wrecking Ball

April 7, 2017
Her mouth is a wrecking ball
Crashing into a soul that wasn't made to break.
Her words are like power drills drilling
Hatred into an already fragile heart.
Her body is soft
But her words hit harder than
The tears that hit this page of this poem.
They say love is the strongest force the world possesses.
But my love for her is slowly fading away.
They say blood is thicker than water.
But she makes me cry so much water that I have no water left.
She says to me, “that I have no friends, that I'm worthless, and that I'm a punk.”
She says she's telling me this to help me.
But sis, I don't think it's me who needs help.
She says she's telling me this out of love.
But her love is just as vindictive as she is.
She threw me out of her car and onto the road like I was a piece of trash.
Like I meant nothing to her.
I thought siblings are supposed to be there for you when you need them the most.
But my sister has only been there for me to put me down.
And she still doesn't understand how her words
Hurt like a knife stabbing at foregoing wounds
That will never heal.
But all I ever want is to be healed. Not broken.
You came in like a wrecking ball,
Destroying everything in sight including my love for you.
I never meant to start a war.
But I never should have let you in.

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