Everything Wrong with Soulmates

April 1, 2017
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I hate the idea that there is only one great love in your life.
The idea that there is only one person out there for you
What if you don’t find them? What if love never reaches you?
What if you are some white teenage girl living in the 21st century , like myself, but the true match to your soul lived 242 years ago during the American Revolution and died of dysentery?
What if your soulmate was Hitler?
Okay probably not Hitler, unless you are persay, Richard Spencer
but that would be ironic because that would be a super evil gay couple, and both strongly believe gays belong in hell.
But I guess even evil needs a soul mate.
What if your soulmate doesn’t see you as their soulmate?
What if your soulmate isn’t human?
Imagine marrying a chameleon
or water buffalo.
Where would you live?
Do you know how inconvenient that relationship would be?
Also illegal.
What if your soulmate isn’t legal?
Same sex marriage is only legal in about 25 countries.
What if you have more than one soulmate?
How does that work?
Polygamy is also illegal in most places besides, well, Utah
Also wouldn’t jealousy be an issue?
Would there be like a favorite of the group?
like how a mother claims there are no favorites but we all know she likes Jimmy  the best because Jimmy is the good one who has his life together unlike the rest of us
Jimmy is the worst.
F*** Jimmy.
His soulmate probably is Hitler.
That being said I hope he and Hitler are happy together.
I hope Jimmy gets him on the straight and narrow which in the long run would save millions of people and probably prevent World War II
So maybe soulmates aren’t that bad
Maybe you don’t even need a soulmate
Maybe all you need is someone to guide you down the straight and narrow like Jimmy and Hitler
Soulmates are meant to be a grand symbol of love
But maybe love doesn’t always have to be grand or lifelong
Maybe love can be simple and fleeting
Maybe love is always there
in the strangers walking down the street, in the trees, in the air

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