my hero, my mom

April 14, 2017

My hero doesn't wear a cape, she wears slacks and a blouse, everyday.
My hero works an eight hour day and even chooses to work overtime.
She works on weekends as well.
All to support her kids.
My hero works hard for her money and is constantly giving it to her kids to spend on pointless objects, knowing there are better uses for it.
My hero shares my DNA.
She is a quiet, poised women who secretly knows all the words to every hardcore rock song.
Others, sometimes view her as stuck up because she is quiet
Yet I know the truth.
Her soul is simply beautiful and endlessly gives.
She is the most compassionate women I have ever met and I would consider myself lucky to be half as amazing as she is
My hero only knows how to love entirely
My hero is my mom
She unknowingly saves my day, every day
She is my best friend
I have never kept a secret from her, no matter how embarrassing or shameful it may be
She makes me appreciate life and all that I have
If I were to be homeless and hungry, i'd be it willingly just to be with my hero
She knows when to be funny, and tease me
And she knows when to be serious, and just silently hold me
If it werent for my hero, I would not be who I am today
I'd be incomplete
I'd be lost
She fights the bad guys
The demons inside me
She protects undeserving civilians
Her greedy kids
And she saves the world without asking for anything in return
She is always out fighting crime
So I feel as if I never see her
I don't get the opportunity to praise her for all she does
For me
For everyone
I know that no monster will come near me, as long as i've got my hero by my side
And it scares me to think that one day, I won't have her anymore
And i'll need to defend against the bad guys on my own
But i'll know what to do from watching my mom
So my hero may not have the strength to lift train, or the ability to fly with the birds
But she has so much more
And I wouldn't change her one bit
When my hero flies away to work everyday, I hope she knows I love her

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