Love's House

April 15, 2017
By , Aurora, IL

Love is like a house
Sometimes you feel safe
Especially when you’re surrounded by
Horrible conditions.
Sometimes, however,
Not even your house is enough.
It breaks and buckles under pressure.
Some aren’t built right,
Exposing vulnerable areas
That collapse upon a specific impact.
Your house can hurt you when it falls apart.
The sounds of distress leave you trembling.
The worker that built this house knows how to knock it down;
They will if they’re angry.
This person you trusted to build you a secure structure
Turned right around and decimated everything
Like the home was made out of cards,
And they were a bored, curious child
Incapable of comprehending how such a form
Was created.
If you’ve learned, either through difficult circumstances or simple ones,
You’ll build your own house and let enter whoever you please.
That way, you can make the home as strong as you’d like.
If you desire to kick your visitor out, pain will be minimal;
At least on your end, that is,
Because you still have a house
That no one can knock down but you.

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