Kiln n.

April 15, 2017
By flootloops BRONZE, New City, New York
flootloops BRONZE, New City, New York
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Kiln n.- an oven for baking clay and bricks, drying wood and grain, etc.


I am in formation with my peers
Baking in the hall.
It is small, and we the clay
Are next to drying wood, grains,


They are close together.
I stand to the side
Nearly touching the wall.

Baking heat making the hall shimmer with warm and sleepy glow
The cackling of stone and dried grass
I am still nearly touching the wall
And I can almost feel it painfully searing me.


But I think
I’m ok.
Some of the clay has slopped onto the grain
And the final product
The harvest toiled over for two seasons
Will be ruined.
I’m ok.

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