Nine years

April 14, 2017
By , Anderson, IN
Second grade
New class
New classmates
That's when we meet
You were the vanilla to my chocolate
They say every brunette needs a blonde
You were just that
Play dates
And laughter
The good old days
Third grade was the same
But our group grew by one
I could tell you were jealous
She was blonde
You felt the need to compete
You made fun of her
Laughed at her
And pushed her out of our group
You didn't need to
You were already my best friend
Nothing was going to change that
Fourth grade was when everything changed
You moved schools and left me alone
I had to find new friends
But I didn't mind
But you had a hard time
You would call me and cry
And I would come over and comfort you
I didn't want you to be sad
Fifth grade was the same as fourth
Except you were getting cocky
Acting like you were better than me
But you weren't
That hurt me, but I never told you
Sixth grade was when it happened
The year we both changed
I was getting bullied
And you were becoming popular
You couldn't hang out
Because you were busy
I cried at night
Wishing I had someone my age to talk to
Seventh grade things were better
I moved schools and made new friends
You and I spent a lot of time together
We were both happy
Eight grade year is when you became friends with her
Your new brunette friend
You brought her everywhere with you
I didn't mind
She was nice
Until she told you some story
A lie about me
And you believed it
That hurt
That hurt a lot
Freshmen year we were growing apart
High school seemed to be draining for both of us
And we were both always busy
So we didn't see eachother much
Sophomore year
That's when you met him
You said that you loved him
But he was taken
I told you that you could do better
But you didn't want to listen
We stopped hanging out
You would text me once a month
To check in
But that was it
Junior year
This year
The guy you love is psycho
And you know it
And he is dragging you along
And you know it
I see you with her
You act like I don't exist
We never text
And if you text me
It's because no one else is available
It's like I'm your last resort
And that hurts
It hurts to know that you just replaced me
Can't you see that it hurts?
Nine years
Nine damn years of friendship
Wasting away
Because you don't give a damn
And you never did
So goodbye my friend
My sand box buddy
My partner in crime
Goodbye to nine years of wasted time

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