April 14, 2017
By Anonymous

Everyone always asks me why I'm so tired.
I mean I'm constantly saying I am

But it's not that I'm losing sleep and can't get it back. It's that I'm tired of everything.

I'm tired of being the one that always has to save the day
Tired of working my butt off and not getting a good job.

I'm not saying I need recognition,
It's just that it'd be nice.

I'm tired of having my ex-best friend talk about me
As if we never had a past.

And all of the dirty looks in the halls too
I'm tired of my friends being mean to me when I ask about their day

Or when I stumble over my words, not knowing what to say
I'm tired of my day not caring at all.

And me caring too much
But most of all I'm tired of you, and all your love.

So get out of my life, it may be fine
Or I'll leave yours and not look back.

I'm tired of life. My life. My friends. You.
It's holding me back.

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