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April 14, 2017
By CreativelyFree BRONZE, Cadiz, Kentucky
CreativelyFree BRONZE, Cadiz, Kentucky
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I'm only saying this because
Our generation really sucks
We don’t know how to communicate
This world is filled with hate
People say technology is all the rage
But whatever happened to talking face to face
Is there anything stopping us
Or are we just introverts

When I grow up and my kids ask how mommy and daddy met
I want to tell them some soppy love story
Not that we are together because he added me on snapchat
I want to be able to say we laid under the stars
Not just a hookup from some random bar
I want a modern day “Romeo and Juliet”
Just without the whole suicide fret

I’m done with all the “hmu’s” and the “dm me’s”
People are shallow they just think you're pretty
Pictures do not show true beauty
What ever happened to learning their personality?
God! We have no rationality
Do we even care about compatibility?
We rely on statistics to show us are match
Who we fall in love with shouldn't be based on facts
I mean really I didn’t think it would be that hard
To do something as simple as letting down your guard

Everyone just stop swiping right
I mean please we only do that based on sight
That’s no way to meet the love of your life
So let’s stop spamming the double tap
In hopes for a follow back
Go talk to that person you can’t stop thinking about
Who knows maybe they’ll like you back
There are too many f-boys and f-girls
They should grow up this is the real world

Love has gone from a knock on the door with flowers in his hand
To a notification on your phone that lets you know he’s here
From counting stars and cuddling to counting hook ups and one night stands
I want that cute sweet love not a night in bed
We should all stop for a second and learn the difference
Late night booty calls are not the same as loving relationships

How about friendships what happened to them?
Living without friends is like a flower with no stem
Without support you can't stand
It's hard to see the sunlight with no friends
There's no one to help you grow
Man that would really blow

The author's comments:

I wanted to write this piece of work because I truly feel the youth of today spend too much time on their phones. We are disconnected from the world and each other. 

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