April 14, 2017
By Onyinye Okere BRONZE, Powder Springs, Georgia
Onyinye Okere BRONZE, Powder Springs, Georgia
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Hush don't speak
I think they're watching us
Every move we make every step we take
Just adds to the fuss
We've become slaves to society
And we accept the void set before us
We've become slaves to our own bodies
Our minds are oh so porous

Not so loud bring it down a notch
Let your father relax as he drinks his scotch
Try not to get in the way of other lives so much
Stop meddling maybe get a hobby or such

And please try to speak softer
For quiet little girls life has so much to offer
Address your clothes fix your hair before the world starts to stare
It's embarrassing
Your individuality periling
Be a normal girl its fair you see
It's everything you were meant to be

While you're at it try to slow it down
Your voice moves too fast we spin around
You'll cause twisters on our side of town
And the neighbors will wonder what you're up to now

Stop. Think before you far to speak
Last night you forgot and I felt bleak
Nearly fell over I felt so weak
Must it be one of my own that's life is meek

And don't start with tears again
All the others kids have it the same they just pretend
Like the world is so nice when in the end
Sometimes their lives bend
And our words offend

Don't tell me your wearing that
Take off those rags and remove the hat
Oh dear if your aunts and uncles got a look at that
We be the laughingstock the knee slapper the pat

Shhhh bring it down a tone
Our love is conditioned we will disown
Anybody who refuses to be my clone
Because any one else is not my own

Here we wont claim
Unless aim to be the same
That's the way we run the game
It's just the way we came
If you don't like it walk away
Here we're slaves
To our own confines
Build our own graves
And lay inside
We let other lead the way
And we follow suit
And whatever they say
We will not mute
And trust and believe
That you got it wrong
The way they'd deceive
And tell you you're strong
You'd have actually thought you'd amount to something
But you'll get caught and fade to nothing

The author's comments:

I was inspired by the conformist standards that are impressed upon our youth forcing them to forsake individuality in order to fit in.

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