I am Wind

April 7, 2017
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I am wind…
The light gust of cool air that tickles your skin,
refreshing you on a scorching summer day.
Freeing you from the uncomfortable heat.

I am wind…
The distant but personal friend,
limited in time spent together.
Bringing the most anticipated encounter of your day.

I am wind…
The occasional and abrupt push,
looking to be constructive.
Held tightly together by the strength of others.

I am wind…
The whisper flowing through your ear,
talking, teaching and telling you.
A strong desire to guide.

I am wind…
The breeze that brushes against your back,
creating goosebumps that trickle up your spine.
Light and surprising when it touches you. 

I am wind…
The unpredictable wave of rejuvenation,
a breath of fresh air like no other.
A rush of pure euphoria shows.

I am wind.

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