The Creation; The Destruction

April 7, 2017
By IshxSh BRONZE, Gwalior, Other
IshxSh BRONZE, Gwalior, Other
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The Big Bang was the start of us,
No wonder how astonishing it was,
Created my delicate realm on earth,
A place where wildflowers grew in drab monotones of brown earth,
bees and butterflies flew, the scents of blossoms entice,
Where my heart alternate back and forth,
With a jiggle of its own.
A place enchanted me like an alluring painting.


Symphony of the nature stupefy us,
And the secrets of cosmos bewilder some,
It'll all last till the black holes merge forming ripples in universe,
Forming a big vast hole, periodically coming close
vanishing the earth and humankind as we know,
Destroying my delicate realm of earth, a place that once my heart knew.

The author's comments:

The universe is an immense mystery and still, researchers and scientists are trying to understand the origin of the universe. However, the theory of big bang is the most considerable one till date, and it's the phenomena of our existence on this planet.

After our earth went through the primordial soup stages, life thrived because of the optimal conditions earth had some 8 mya. From monerans to humans, the earth has seen a plethora of alterations in its environment. The creation of beautiful landscapes, which we see now, has taken millions of years to form. Which we should respect for the sake of our future. Everything, from microbes to blue whales, is made up of the star stuff including ourselves. We are an integral part of a gigantic phenomenon called the cosmos.

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