My Sister and I

April 7, 2017
By nholler SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
nholler SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
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My personality, shy, like the white rabbit bouncing away as you try to touch it. Quiet like a mouse moving throughout the house. Nervous, like the deer in your headlights debating whether to cross the lane of hell or to stay. Cautious as a starving lion lurking upon its fragile prey. I am a dog, timid when thunder strikes the streets as he hides under the sheets.

My sister, Outgoing, like the dolphin that rides along your boat.  Open, a bee buzzing around not caring about its surroundings. Aggressive like a shark getting what it wants however it can. Sociable, she’s a dog in the dog park, sniffing, playing, and barking with others. Always meeting new people like the fly that just landed on your window sill.

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