Recipe for an Angsty Teenager

April 7, 2017
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A handful of hormones
A moment with the opposite sex
A streak of drama
An era of confusion
A note of  blink 182 
1 full carton of rebellion
A bin of makeup
A dollop of tears
A whisper of “i hope this passes”

First you mix the handful of hormones with the full carton of rebellion. In another bowl mix the moment with the opposite sex with one era of confusion, you must let this settle for half an hour, otherwise, adding the drama will ruin the teenager. While that is rising, mix a bin of makeup and a dollop of tears into the first bowl that has hormones and rebellion in it; this adds texture to the teenager and ultimately adds flavor. Once risen you add a streak of drama to the bowl of confusion and opposite sexes. Once fully mixed, you add the two bowls together. Then you put the mixture into a 13X18 pan and sprinkle a note of blink 182 on top. Leave this in for 15 minutes on a high of 420. After taken out, let your teenager sleep and cool off in the fridge for at least 30 min. After that, it is ready to serve! It is also suggested with each piece you add a whisper of “i hope this passes” on top, to make it sweeter treat. 

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