Who Is He?

April 7, 2017

Why did he make me like this?
Doesn't he want to protect me?
Doesn't he know that I only wanted comfort?
Why did he teach me hate?
Doesn't he know that I needed a hug?
Doesn't he know that I didn’t need my fists?

Why would he reach out to me?
Doesn't he know I don’t care?
Doesn’t he remember what he did?
Why can’t he leave me alone?
He didn’t care, so why should I?
Some deserve 2nd chances, why should he get 8?

Why does he keep calling me?
Doesn't he know he’s blocked?
Doesn’t he know I won’t talk?
Why does he keep sending letters?
Doesn't he know the only thing to love them are the flames?
Doesn’t he know that they’ll never meet my eyes like he won't meet mine?

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