Recipe To Have A Fun Summer

April 7, 2017

A binful of friends
A heap of time in the car, singing at the top of your lunges
A slice of new adventures
Armsful of time on the lake
A sprinkle of sunburn
A handful of late night stargazing
A pocket full of time on the golf course
A flurry of laughter
A lifetime of memories


1. Every good summer starts with great friends, so first you must get yourself a binful of amazing friends to share your fun summer with.
2. You’ll start the fun with car rides: windows down and music blasting, singing at the top of your lunges as the hot summer air swirls around your car and messes up everyone's hair.
3. These car rides will bring you to new places and new adventures, traveling around and seeing new sites you hadn’t seen before.
4. Don’t forget about having local fun aswell though, go out on the lakes: surfing, wakeboarding, boating, and swimming.
5. All this new adventuring and lake time will bring a sprinkle of sunburn so try not to forget your sunscreen, and maybe your aloe.
6. Then, as you and your amazing friends start to get tired after a long day of fun, take time to enjoy the nighttime sky, take a seat on the dewy grass and look up and see the stars shining bright.
7. And now that you have had all this fun with your friends, don’t forget about time for yourself, grab your golf clubs, get in your car, and go play a relaxing round of 18 holes to clear your mind and enjoy yourself.
8. Finally, if you have followed all these directions correctly you should be able to look back on your summer and see a flurry of laughter and a lifetime of memories.

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