It is not so easy

April 7, 2017
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Can you still see it?

The pain you have caused that still lingers?
How is it easy for you to rip souls from limbs?

Can you still hear it?
The screaming, banging, stomping still ringing in our ears?
  How is it easy for you to ignore what you know to be true?

Can you still feel it?

The splinters reaching out of the smashed wood door?
  How is it easy for you to watch someone hurt others?

Can you still smell it?

The change of the air as tension fills your nostrils and chokes your lungs?
  How is it easy for you to turn your nose up and out of what you created?

Can you still taste it?

The bittersweet confusion and manipulation of naive minds?
  How is it easy for you to call this the happy healthy family you want?

Are you done hiding?

  Why have we taken the fall for so long?
   Do you know that it no longer will be easy for you?

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