Where is summer?

April 7, 2017
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Where is summer?
Up high on bluffs there are Warmer nights that lead into a foggy  morning.
Sunsets dip in a pot of color and sunrises drag the brush across the sky.
Blue sky dives into blue water as white sand kisses its shore.
Where is summer?
Under my nose a hotdog with ketchup, smelling of fresh barbeque.
Fireworks clogging the air with smoke, like neon parade floats.
Candy melts, emitting smells like honey on tastebuds.
Where is summer?
Delicacies liquify cooling my throat; with peanuts fudge and sprinkles.
Mouth full of salt water; salt and brine, seaweed and fish, sour sushi.
Favorite meals, fast food, fancy occasions, all melting in mouths.
Where is summer?
Light laughter litters the sky as small conversations bloom
Birds sing of beauty in the morning as owls coo lullabies
Country meets one ear as rap falls out of the other
Where is summer?
Refreshing rivers glide past legs, soft like silk, they cradle swimmers
Perspiration on cans slips through hands and splash on concrete
Peach cheeks burnt, burn fingertips to the touch
Where is summer? 

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