i am To Kill a Mockingbird

April 7, 2017
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Atticus finch; wisdom impeding on my thoughts while morals are around every corner. Understanding and accepting, this is optimistic hope  that others are the same.

Boo radley; being misunderstood is confusing and frustrating as is. Stories mold over reality as my image becomes more important.

Maudie atkinson; strong willed and morally drive my mind is all about opening up to different perspectives. Wit disguises fear as i try to help others as I help myself.

Heck tate; honesty and integrity pave my path as the lead the way past cases of manipulation and corrupt minds. A trait I struggle to maintain, but wish to cling to.

Adolphus Raymond; hiding in plain sight by  I alter meek appearances to avoid detrimental revelations. Cracking the shell leaks what is selfless for the benefit of others.

Tom Robinson; Following the heart is soon discovered hallowing, but mind in hand with heart is redemption often not seen enough. Holding those accountable will offer freedom. 
Jem finch; Internalizing with a tranquil face and wild mind, hope rises above my expectations. I wander into dreams and watch fact contrast fantasy, as panic drowns my lungs. 

Scout finch; The reflection of my youth that leads into a fast transition of adulthood. A vision of courage and trusting judgement beaten down, now built into an empire of shrewd faith.

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