I am my Laptop

April 7, 2017
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Not understood by all, the inner workings of my structure are carefully put together with bolts and screws keeping me together. Ones that keep my secrets and are there for me when i need them most. My brain is hardwired, but willing to update; to understand under the stars of wisdom .
Each part of me has an individual story in and out. On the outside, a keyboard. Jumbled letters with a pending sentence waiting to be written. An open document, full of thought or blank as can be, ready to listen and reply. The screen, bright and stark, leaving a first impression. A breath of fresh air and enlightenment to those who cannot see in the dark. Hiding memories in history and files. Giving the user what you want to see, read and hear; if the right questions are asked. Sometimes glossy and brand new, jumping jubilation. Others dark and blank, tired and tender. Ready to educate, be social and listen to those who need it most, the internet is a hidden within my workings. An explanation yet to be read, while i am loading for questions that have yet to be answered. Mistakes, misunderstandings, and majestic happenings while an array of feelings glide across my circuit board.
In need of a charge, wifi and to cool down, close my screen...so i can rest. 

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