April 6, 2017
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This is a poem about nothing.
The topic of this poem is nothing.
But by being about nothing,
Doesn’t that make it about something?

This is a poem about nothing.
What is nothing?
To be devoid of anything?
But is nothing a part of anything?

Is nothing even achievable?
Or perhaps,
Everything is nothing,
And nothing exists.

How can you be so sure I exist?
How can you be so sure you exist?
How can you be so sure anything exists?
You can’t.

What if I am just a figment of your imagination?
Can you prove to yourself that I am real?
Not just a product of your thoughts?
Not just electric signals in your brain?
Can you prove that our world is real?
What if we are living in the dream of another entity?
Just a temporary insignificant aberration,
In the incomprehensibly vast universe.

We are so insignificant,
That if we were to disappear,
Nothing in the universe would be changed;
Akin to taking a single dust particle out of an untouched attic.

We cannot even begin to understand our own insignificance.
We are completely inconsequential.
Everything we know and love
Amounts to nothing.

If our planet were a grain of sand,
The universe would be an expansive desert,
On a planet of sand,
Within a galaxy buried in sand.

You are going to die,
Having made no difference in the universe.
So why live
If nothing matters?

Live because you are more than the universe.
You are stronger than any God.
The only thing that you know exists
Is your consciousness.

Everything that surrounds you now:
The whole earth.
The entire universe.
Only exists because you perceive it.

You cannot prove that anything existed before your birth,
Or that anything will remain after you die.
Your birth gave birth to the universe,
And your death will bring death to it.

Everything that surrounds you,
Is a product of your mind.
Nothing else exists,
Except you.

This is a poem that doesn’t exist.
A poem about nothing.
But why should that matter,
When you have experienced it?

You have read it.
You have perceived it.
You have processed it.
And in doing so you made it exist.

Because everything you do matters.
And all that matters is you.

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