A Dystopia Not Far Away

April 6, 2017
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Imagine a world
Where humans strive
To be

A world where the
Look of someone’s body
Can change
Their opportunities

When color becomes
Something more
Than what meets
The eye

Where one only uses his sight to
Judge a person
Instead of using his ears
To hear them

A planet where an
Individual worships what’s
On the screen
And not in his mind

A place where humans
Accept the world
Around them
Without concern

Where being a racist
And a force feeder
Of anything but the truth
Is rewarded in a leader

When diversity
Becomes a
Concept of contempt;
A barrier between the people

A society in which the past
Is the key of the future
But is not always seen
As so

And what divides
The people is
And their own rules

A place where
Male and female
Are two different

Where the truth is only
Found under
A pile of lies
By those who seek it most

Where a place
Defines a person
But a person can
Rarely change a place

A world in which
One always looks to go forward
But never pays mind to what
Is happening now

Why is it that this
World sounds so familiar?
It’s our world
Are you happy with it?

One should not
Be sad
Or concerned at all
With the society we live in
Because there is
Hope and opportunity
For each individual
To be and to help others become independent

Although the world is
Not perfect
Hope is the human’s gift;
A chance to make it right

A single voice
Can change the rest
And even alter these words
Right here

A voice can influence
Another voice
And another
Until the barrier disappears

So I ask you again

Are you happy with it?

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