the new me

April 6, 2017

lights shining in the distance

looking into each others eyes

seeing each others pain

as if for the first time

i know we've had our differences

and i know we are healing

but i can't just stop what i am feeling

i look into your eyes every day

silently wishing you to stay

but you're with someone else noe

and it breaks my heart

day by day i am falling apart

but i peice myself together

bit by broken bit

and when you come to say sorry

you will be too late

i have moved on

after you broke my heart 

i am no longer falling apart

i found myself a friend

i have begun to love

he gives me respect and love

that you never did

i cried for you

but now you will cry for me

because you have come to find

that im not like i used to be

i have become stronger

i have become more outspoken 

my life is now filled with color

after that terrible storm

i am happy now

more than i used to be

i am being who i want to be

i am being the new me.

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