Myself and the Rain

April 6, 2017
By Anonymous

Our relationship is special yet

Widely misunderstood, as I have

always been,still I go out and

Listen to my true, pure friend whose voice is as beautiful as

The rich soil it provides to its loving partner


I continue to listen for the contentness it

brings me, not that of happiness or sadness

but of pure and utter pleasure when it speaks to me

No matter the time or amount of baggage it brings from its only home

Why?, why do I still listen to the Rain?

because in my most distraught of states

Rain always understands with the subtle beauty it

always, so Perfectly provides

So, in hopes of one day telling the Rain of my successes and

journey I listen, to the beautiful true Aura it has always given to

me and the ground alike

Everybody has their ever so delicate Rain

what is yours?

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