Me and my dad

April 6, 2017

• Ugh I'm in my room! Faking so many smiles I'm not even talking to him! And he knows that!

Every time I walk pass him I don't even look at him but I hear them talking saying... "she will get over it and she will talk to u again" and all that bull s***!! But I'm not! Ever

He did this to me I never asked for him to do this!!
I'm over all of it! I want it to end! Plz get my live over. I don't wanna deal with it! Not anymore!

He's leaving all because of Freedom! But what he don't see is a girl who wants her father to stay home to be with her!

I'm so angry at what he's doing! But he's doing something good!
I'm faking smiles to try to get over this! Each night i try to sleep away my fears! My problems as I should say!

I don't want to even look at what he's gonna do! I'm not going to support him! For what he's doing!

I won't see him for a while! And that's not what I want! I'm a girl who lost her brother! Now is scared of losing her father to!

All my fears are bout to become even worse! Something Man can not control! It will grow bigger and bigger! Louder and louder! Each day!

I will miss my father! But I won't be happy! I will stay sad as my fears come to life! They will take over my skinny little body!

And that's all because of him! This is all his fault! He's doing this to me! And he knows I'm scared! But he's doing it anyway!

Each breath I breath he will be in a war zone! And I will be scared if he's alive or dead! I lost my brother I don't wanna lose him to!

Why does my life have to be this way! This hard! Now you know why I want it over!

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