Blue Box

April 6, 2017
By , St Augustine, FL

Sometimes I ask if life has a point espesially in my shoes when I spend many night feeling blue, crying in school, i'm always in class but i'm never really there, i'm in a Blue Box.

My heart is cold and hard like a rock, How many more times do I have to cry, try to commit, or have my heart fall down a well into the dark blue water without a splash, Nobody looks or have a clue, i'm in a Blue Box.

My parents may say they do and I say "Not even you", blood is thivker than water but water runs forever so therefor my box is blue. I've witnessed that my family is the water, what's a childhood? what's love? how do I know it's a red heart wen blue is always beside it and bruises are purple, nothing but pain from the two.

I've fell apart and figured out you can't live without a blue heart and that's why my box is blue.

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