My Truth

April 10, 2017
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I am Everything.
Everything that is wrong.
Everything that is broken.
Everything I can't fix.
I am Nothing.
Nothing is empty.
Nothing is blank.
Nothing is clear.
I wish I was She.
She is beauty.
She is whole.
She is wonderful.
I am Not.
Not is ugly.
Not is wrong.
Not is absent.
I am Different.
Different is change.
Different is blooming.
Different is beautiful.
I am Pain.
Pain is long.
Pain is sadness.
Pain is unclear.
I am Violent.
Violent is the sea.
Violent is the waves.
Violent is the current.
I am the Abyss.
the Abyss is vast.
the Abyss is deep.
the Abyss is lonely.
I am the Ocean.
the Ocean is cold.
the Ocean is dark.
the Ocean is quiet.
Waves of Silence wash over me,
and finally, I am Peace.

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