Universal Existence

April 10, 2017
By alan_na23 BRONZE, West Des Moines, Iowa
alan_na23 BRONZE, West Des Moines, Iowa
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She orbits as she dances, delicate hands held high
Fiery stars emerging from her clumsy fingertips


Supernovas reflected in her delighted, young eyes
Exploding in royal golds and resonant purples


Abruptly halting her waltzing
She is ordered to stand in line


Wide-eyed artistry side by side volatility
A brewing storm, trembling with excitement


Energy coursing through her stilled, childish frame
Itching to erupt into swirling galaxies


Galaxies free to squeal with laughter
Giggling until the end of time


She makes a mistake, yet does nothing wrong
For the universe makes no mistakes


Covering a growing smile behind sticky hands
Lighting up the sky with her mischievous eyes


She takes the words of criticism given to her
Amplifying them without bound, dampening all she does


When given enthusiasm
It has been grown into gleeful nebulas


Words of bitterness are thrust at her
Expanding into a void, reminiscent of a black hole


She is a child of the cosmos
Living in that from which she was formed


She is the universe, filled with infinite potential
Too young to understand herself


Confined by her lack of knowledge
Liberated by her lack of harsh reality

The author's comments:

I work for a childcare program for elementary students after school and during breaks, and I wrote this after a more difficult day at work. I didn't agree with the way some of the students were addressed from adults and after getting home I felt compelled to write about it. Children are more similar to the universe than adults give credit. The universe and children both are untouched by the imperfections humans bring, and both purely exist as they are. They are both volatile in their actions and don't conform to rules. Children will reflect what they are given, whether it is enthusiasm or impatience. 

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