April 10, 2017
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my favorite word used to be lackadaisical because it sounds like a
melody and I thought it meant carelessly happy though it turns out
the word really just means carelessly lazy
lackadaisical used to be the tune to which kids tottered after bugs in a meadow
and sucked on rainbow sour strips but now it’s just elevator music
to which rows and rows of people totter after the next jolt of dopamine
and wish on the light of stars that blinked out years ago
and you would think that I would run out on life because of how
disappointing lackadaisical has been
but when there’s wonder at high altitudes and a deadline
it’s easy to default

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LeisurelySketches said...
Apr. 13 at 2:44 am
Very interesting! I loved the childlike imagination in the poem, and also the fresh perspective. Great poem!
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