April 9, 2017
By calamity-chloe SILVER, Broadview, Illinois
calamity-chloe SILVER, Broadview, Illinois
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I wish I always had a pen and paper in my hand because the greatest ideas flee the fastest.

And so, they died.

I knew it had been coming in a logical sense

But your emotions left no room for reason

I saw them fading



I saw how their strength left them,

Their voice left them,

Their sight,

Their legs,

Their arms,

Their souls,

But their beauty stayed permeating the world after they left.

I realize that there could never have been too much time with them

So, I reach towards them

Forever reaching 

I feel their warmth dissipating,

Still, I reach,

But they’re spent, unable to respond to me

Then they are no more

Fallen into that dark night that they had once raged against

Now all the rage is in me

And I fight against that savage hungry sorrow

It will come to devour me

To eat me whole

And the only way out is to cut open the black belly of that beast with a sword of hope.

My battle has ended but the person I loved is still dead on the battleground.

The war is lost.

Everything is quiet, yet so loud

The world is still, because how could it still be turning

But everything is moving too fast to process

I have lost my barring on reality

there is no gravity to keep me down

On this earth

Nor is their oxygen to breathe

In my utter perplexity, I ask:

What was the point?

Why love when all you get Is a vacant body laying before me at the end of it all

It all meant nothing

It all meant everything

That pain never lets up: subsides or disappears

I just learn to cope

I will always hear their footsteps walking,
their laughter booming,
See their smiles,
See their pains,
I will always feel the love that they gave me.

And so, I move on.

Because there is nothing left to go back to.

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