April 9, 2017
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The clouds are white, the sky is gray,
The time is right, it is today,
The land is cold and dark and brown,
The winter has come, waiting for its crown.

Silently, softly, a snowflake falls,
Silently, softly, the children it calls,
Silently, softly, its joined by its friends,
Silently, softly, the life of plants ends.

Now it is buried under its kin,
Now it is too deep to wade in,
Now I am truly starting to think,
Now it is far too deep for me to sink.

Happily, merrily, we dance in the snow,
Happily, merrily, balls do we throw,
Happily, merrily, all the day long,
Happily, merrily, we sing this song.

Snowflakes, fall, join us down here,
Snowflakes do sparkle like a tear,
Snowflakes are soft and cold to touch,
Snowflakes are crystals I love very much.

The day is cold, and almost done,
The hot chocolate is waiting to warm up the fun,
The snowflakes fall around so deep,
The children have all fallen asleep.

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