Nothing Stays Forever

April 9, 2017
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Why did they abandon me?
20 years gone to waste
One decision made this true
Even though this decision is making me




Nothing can be better than those past years
I kept the whole family together


Why did they abandon me?
My roof kept them dry
My walls kept them safe from the harm
My windows helped them see the good
but sometimes showed them the bad too
My floor kept them sturdy
and even though sometimes there were creaks
that cause a disturbance in their laughter
and caused them to fight
they always became silent
after a goodnight

My hallways were always full

of them running away
from a future where they get seperated

I provided them 5 bedrooms that they filled with memories
and when they tried to pack up all of these memories
most of them got away
Except for the ones that were too big to get lost in the
unknown wilderness
that lurks behind the disentegrating doors

They moved 1000 miles away
Did I do anything wrong?
The new family that moved in
tried to make my powers work on them
But they changed my roof
my walls
my windows
my floor
and my bedrooms
and my powers disappeared with them
Why did they abandon me?

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