The Cake

April 8, 2017
By smile_123456789 BRONZE, Maryland Heights, Missouri
smile_123456789 BRONZE, Maryland Heights, Missouri
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As I stand there on the perfect glass plate

people are writing on their clipboards

trying to see my fate

But I dont let them because I'm covered in

the most beautiful bubblegum flowers

that are resting on the most giggly green grass

that's getting fed by the shining yellow sun 

that's reflecting on the most radiant red car

that's driving on the most lilac road


But what they don't know is beneath all this fondant hides

the most crumbly cake

that falls through the prison bars of their fork 

and can't stay straight on the sturdiest of plates

that's as dry as sand on a beach


But more like dirt

because it spreads and passes on the dryness

to whoever tastes it


But as the people with clipboards leave

they don't leave a mark 

like they did to the others


All they leave behind is a

blue ribbon


They've fallen for my trick 

like everyone else


Even though I am filled with colors

They are all artificial

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