Some Things Unnoticed

April 8, 2017
By AudreyW2718 BRONZE, Noblesville, Indiana
AudreyW2718 BRONZE, Noblesville, Indiana
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Some things are unnoticed
Many things remain unseen
Never to know the joy that appreciation brings

Some things are too small to be cared for
Many are so common that people forget them
But they are still important

Big things are seen
Rare things stick out among the crowd
They draw attention to themselves

They hide the small things

One day the tables will turn
It will seem like all is lost
And then, only then, will people remember the things unseen
For they will become the only hope

Observe the unnoticeable
Search for the unseen
Then you will know that in the end
You will be rewarded

The author's comments:

So many people go their entire lives without paying any attention to all the small aspects that don't stick out. However, these things can be essential to life. This poem explains the importace of looking for the small things.

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