The War Was In Color

April 7, 2017
By Diana Velasquez BRONZE, White Plains, New York
Diana Velasquez BRONZE, White Plains, New York
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In every life
I’d like to report
That blood sizzles black
On every surface possible

In every field of war
I’d gladly say
My boots are splotched
crimson and scarlet
My hands flaked in
burgundy and brown

And in every home camp
Every bedroll
under an ancient sky
I’d watch spilt soldiers soul
bake black.

In every turning dawn
As I’d stumble to the
body blemished battleground
I’d kneel and feel
blood running black

Why did it turn
to Hades’ favored shade?

Beautiful the war was in color
Every dazzling variant
of gold fashioned breastplates
No single skin the same
freckled brown
bleached white

All high flying flags
rainbow touched
My brother’s smile
shining star bright blue
Blinding the war was in color

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