love never fading

April 7, 2017
By autumnhill890 BRONZE, Harrisonville, Missouri
autumnhill890 BRONZE, Harrisonville, Missouri
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love is a crazy kind of feeling,

you can be happy one moment,

and feeling the kind of pain,

you only thought to see in the movies,

the one you saw as your world,

soon becomes a familiar face you have to pass,

as if all the feelings,

all the things you have been through,

are just things to forget,

something to put behind you,

as if they have no meaning,

the times of repeat,

i love you,

is no longer leaving your lips,

or landing on mine,

its a scary kind of feeling,

like the ones i have for you,

will never fade,

like yours did for me...

The author's comments:

a heart brake, i have to over come.

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