my thoughts

April 7, 2017
By autumnhill890 BRONZE, Harrisonville, Missouri
autumnhill890 BRONZE, Harrisonville, Missouri
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As i lay down with my thoughts,

i let out a sigh of exhuastion, 

allowing my thoughts to become free,

no longer imprisioned,

in my mind,

they scatter along the peral white walls,

trying to escape to a bigger world,

but soon find themselves worse with anger,

non-able to escape,

and entering back into my head,

no longer able to escape,

they are no longer free,

but only worse in depth of thought,

i could soon hear them yelling,

each one becoming more unpleasant,

i let out,

what i thought to be a scream,

only to hear a faint squeal...

the thoughts are trapped, 

no longer free, 

no longer escapable...

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