Recipe for a Migraine

April 7, 2017
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-A moment of time
-A flurry of blinding lights
-A pocketful of screams
-A heap of bickering adult
-A mound of things to do
-A droplet of annoying classmates
-A lifetime of sleep
-An empire of throbbing.


First, you need to start with a mound of things to do and combine it with a moment of time to do them.
Take a droplet of annoying classmates and add it to the mixture. Heat it up and let it simmer.
Now add a heap of bickering adults and let it rest for 5 minutes. You want to make sure you can feel the bickering get to you.
The second the 5 minutes is over, add a pocketful of screams before it settles too much.
Then add a flurry of blinding lights and mix well. If done correctly you will start to see spots.
This is when you want to check how much time is left to do everything and see what is left to do. You should have lot’s to do and have an impossible time frame to do it all in.
Now add a lifetime of sleep to catch up on and sprinkle it on top along with an empire of throbbing.
You’ve now finished the recipe to get a migraine with spots, sleepiness, and throbbing all included. This is a recipe that even Alton Brown would be envious of.

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